January 8, 2005

Ringwood Road fire

This morning's Ithaca Journal has a photo of Varna and Dryden firefighters putting out a fire at a workshop on Ringwood Road yesterday.

Briefly in Tompkins mentions the Dryden Senior Citizens' meeting and lunch at the Dryden Fire Hall this coming Monday, January 10th, at 11:30am, as well as a firewood lottery at the DEC.

There's an article on how changing state math standards may affect Tompkins County, as well as information on the county's more relaxed distribution of flu shots.

How they voted lists county legislator votes, including this week's split vote on legislator salaries.

On the opinion page, Craig Evans of Dryden sends a laurel "to everyone who supported and attended the Cayuga Chamber Orchestra's first New Year's Eve gala benefit." Anna Jensen of Freeville replies to an earlier letter from Endicott resident Sam Fantuzzo, in which he wrote that "I agree with Claudius Ptolemy that the Earth is the center of the universe and that the sun, moon and planets orbit the Earth." Jensen warns:

Back when the Earth was considered the center of the universe, someone who did not agree with the popular theories of the time would have been condemned for thinking on his or her own. Remember Galileo died for his heresy.

If we go back to these grand old times, realize that along with the moral high ground we would believe to return, we also get a lower life expectancy, less food supplies, sewage in the streets and fewer freedoms for non-white wealthy males.

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