January 31, 2005

Village annexation prospects, nurseries

I've been painfully slack in getting the Dryden Courier over the last few weeks. I bought last week's on the Tuesday night before it disappeared, misplaced it, and just got to the current issue tonight. There's still one more day to buy this one!

This week's issue takes a look at the prospects for parts of the Town of Dryden north of the Village of Dryden joining the Village through the annexation process. A single 21-acre parcel was annexed last year for a Department of Transportation site, and the water and sewer issues in the area are complicated. County Legislator Mike Lane has invited property owners in the area to a meeting in February to discuss annexation, and the Town and Village boards have scheduled a joint meeting to discuss a petition from the Dryden Mutual Insurance Company.

There's also an article on the Integrative Montessori Nursery School that opens on Thresher Place in Dryden this week, one of a number of them opening in Tompkins County recently.

The Fall Creek Watershed Committee is looking for volunteers to work on water quality monitoring, especially people who live near the creek and its tributaries.

In the sports section, there's a picture of Dryden High wrestler Rex Hollenbeck and team pictures of the girls basketball and boys wrestling teams.

Looking back at the previous (January 19th) issue, the Courier covered the purchase of land for the new Town Hall, suggesting that the parcel is 20 to 25 acres, and looking at both the need for a new town hall and the possibility of recreation fields. The Courier's editorial describes this as "a small step in the right direction," saying that "if the town board members are enchanted by the possibilities of creating ball fields and preserving a few acres of wetlands, well, one could do a lot worse." They also suggested that:

The town should develop and commit to a plan that includes all areas of the town as equally as possible in its services. It would be wise to begin a town board subcommittee to study that unfortunate dynamic in depth.

There was an article on Justin Armstrong, who is building a 30-foot cutter on Turkey Hill Road from materials he largely harvested and collected himself. He's hoping to launch the boat in the Atlantic in June 2006.

The issue also included a four-page review of the year 2004 in Dryden. It's kind of strange to read a year of news compressed into a brief read!

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