January 6, 2005

Weather, State of the State

I was hoping to be in Albany today for a rally on reform, but the weather kept me home, so the Ithaca Journal's focus on the weather and Governor Pataki's State of the State address will have to do.

The only explicit Dryden mention I can find in today's paper is a listing for the Black Sheep Handspinners Guild Annual Rock Day, which will be at the Varna Community Center (map) on Saturday from 10:00am to 4:00pm.

On the weather, the Journal looked at preparations for this storm, which so far seems more bluster than anything, from both government and a individual perspectives.

The Journal has three articles on Pataki's State of the State speech, including emphasis on reform, and responses to it. One is the Gannett story on the speech itself, another looks at Pataki's mention of Ithaca's "experiencing strong economic growth," and a third looks at area lawmakers' responses. (If you want to hear or read the address directly, it's available from the state web site.)

Personally, I'll have more faith that Pataki's serious about reform when he stops doing things like trying to block the release of documents on how his administration tried to cover up incompetence at the Thruway Authority, but I suppose words are a first step toward possible action.

There's an article listing efforts in Tompkins County collecting assistance for tsunami relief.

The Journal's editorial looks at the payoff from the state's anti-fraud efforts and praises the SPCA's efforts to educate people about winter care for their pets, as well as new state laws defining dog owner responsibilities.

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