February 3, 2005

Final suspect convicted of kidnapping

This morning's Journal reports that Mao-Sheng Lin was convicted of kidnapping in a robbery of the Song Tao restaurant in November 2003. Lin had disappeared after posting $200,000 in bail and was returned from Texas in November 2004. Two other suspects pleaded guilty earlier.

An article on students raising money for tsunami aid includes a list of student projects at area districts including Dryden and Ithaca.

Briefly in Tompkins notes that there will be a presentation on biodynamic farming tonight at the Stone Circle School (map).

The Monitor reports that a TC3 student reported a wallet stolen from a locker room.

At the county level, Legislator Mike Lane is quoted about his doubts about Cornell reducing the number of stations monitoring its Lake Source Cooling project from nine to two in order to save $50,000:

"It sounds to me like you want to cut down on the cost," said Michael Lane, D-Dryden.

Finally, there's an article in which local Congressman Sherwood Boehlert, Chairman of the House Science Committee, questions the cost and value of saving the Hubble telescope.

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