February 11, 2005

Town Board meeting, Freeville perspectives

This morning's Ithaca Journal reports on last night's Town Board meeting. They lead with the question of the purchase of land for the new Town Hall, writing that:

In an unexpected move, the Dryden Town Board went into executive session at the end of its meeting Thursday night without taking action on the proposed purchase of land for a new town hall.

In recent discussions, town officials indicated that approval was imminent and that a decision would be made at Thursday's meeting. No explanation for the delay was available at press time.

I was a little puzzled myself, but board members also scheduled a public meeting for March 3rd to discuss the purchase, in accordance with a resolution they passed at the previous meeting:

we have further resolved that within 30 days of acceptance of such offer, the Town Board will schedule a public meeting on the acquisition with appropriate notice to the public

So I wonder if the scheduling means that the offer has been accepted.

The article also looks at last night's lengthy continuation of a May public hearing on the construction of self-storage units on Oak Brook Drive, which were approved 4-1. Councilman Chris Michaels expressed misgivings about the applicant's activities during the permit process and doubts about the time given to consider the new proposal, though in the end he wasn't sure what a month would do. Neighbor Susan Boutros had asked for an extension of the hearing, having only received notice and the 200-page stormwater plan on Tuesday, but was denied.

Military News recognizes two Dryden residents for their training achievements, and School News notes a Dryden resident at Keuka College.

The Journal also reports on the complaints at Cass and Treman parks that have driven discussion of a possible dog park at the SPCA.

Dryden residents past and present write the Journal today. Bill Clark, of Brevard, NC, writes to thank his neighbors on Mount Pleasant and Turkey Hill Roads for the water district that increased his taxes and drove him out of town, where he is apparently much happier.

Two Freeville residents share contrasting views of national politics. Shirley Forsythe writes of the recent inaugural that "As George W. strutted, it was so hard to believe that so many saw him as a leader of the free world." Edgar Seymour writes to complain about "the arrogance shown by the area liberals" in their willingness to criticize conservatives.

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