March 5, 2005

Absentee ballots for Village of Dryden elections

This morning's Ithaca Journal is pretty quiet about Dryden-specific news, but absentee ballots for village elections are now available from the Tompkins County Board of Elections. Requests for mailed applications must be received by March 8th, though applications may be picked up in person until March 14th. The election is March 15th.

There's an extended article on Ithaca schools redistricting, and a report on a contract with Johnson Controls to make county buildings more energy efficient.

The opinion page includes a Dart and a Laurel from a Dryden resident to highway departments in the Towns of Ithaca and Dryden:

DART: From Peter Davies of Dryden. To the Town of Ithaca Highway Department and the Cornell grounds department, who have never seen a recent snowstorm, no matter how deep, that they couldn't melt away by throwing tons of salt at it. Salt rots your car, kills trees, grass and other vegetation and poisons our water supply. A LAUREL to the Town of Dryden Highway Department for the minimal use of salt and removing snow by frequent plowing. Thank you, Dryden.

Chris Sanchirico of the Ithaca Breast Cancer Alliance writes to say that "We at the Ithaca Breast Cancer Alliance (IBCA) are delighted that the Dryden-Caroline Drifters Snowmobiling Club is donating the proceeds from their 'Chicks Ride for Breast Cancer' to us," and clarifies what the IBCA does.

Dryden resident Peter Harriott writes a guest column on The Pitfalls of Privatizing Social Security Benefits, concluding that "Privatization of Social Security, whether partial or compete, would benefit the wealthy, but it would increase the deficit or decrease the retirement benefits for low- and middle-income families."

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