March 18, 2005

Ask a simple question, get a quick answer

I wrote Congressman Sherwood Boehlert about federal transportation spending in Tompkins County this past Saturday, as I'd seen stories about spending elsewhere but nothing about what was happening here.

Boehlert writes:

As you will note, the bill contains $4.5 million for transportation projects in Tompkins County, which includes $2 million for pavement and roadway improvements to Peruville Road, and addresses a safety issue in the Village of Groton where fatalities have occurred. $2.5 million for rehabilitation of bridges in Tompkins County on the Ithaca Secondary Line is also in place. This will assist with increase of train service.

Congressman Hinchey, who represents the City of Ithaca as well as the Towns of Ithaca and Danby, also reports another $1.7 million coming to those parts of Tompkins County.

It's very nice to get a reply from my Congressman in a matter of days, and a marked contrast to my earlier (perhaps tougher?) letters in February and November, to which I've never had replies. I'd started to worry that maybe I shouldn't be sending letters to the Cortland office, but now I can see clearly that that's not the problem.

I've scanned in the full letter and accompanying press release, in two versions. You can read the clearer (126KB PDF) or selectable (243KB PDF) version.

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