March 1, 2005

Congressman Boehlert pushing for $7.15 minimum wage

Dryden's Congressional Representative, Sherwood Boehlert, tells the Auburn Citizen that he'll be pushing for a national $7.15 hourly minimum wage, following New York State's recent increase. Boehlert says he is doing this: prevent New York from losing businesses after joining a handful of states with an increased minimum wage.

Boehlert also said his legislation - which is still being drafted - will offer some form of tax breaks to small businesses to offset the costs of the minimum wage increase....

"We have some states, especially southern states, that haven't raised their minimum wages. They've actually been pirating companies away," said Sam Marchio, Boehlert's spokesperson.

Locally, Assemblywoman Barbara Lifton supported the state measure, while State Senator James Seward opposed it. Boehlert hopes to have the legislation "ready by Congress' March 21 recess."

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