March 19, 2005

ICSD redistricting petition for Varna

After the piece I wrote on Varna children being shifted to Caroline Elementary School, I heard from Pat and Tom Brenna, who are circulating a petition (36KB PDF) opposing the shift.

They explain:

Pat and Tom Brenna of 32 Deerhaven Drive first circulated the petition for signatures on March 19, 2005. By this time, the ICSD Board voted to "take off the table" the "Stay-Put" scenario, thereby committing to redistricting by some scheme. This is the reason that the petition does not express opposition to redistricting itself, but rather focuses on the plan for Varna.

Although the Board has expressed unanimous support for continuing open enrollment, it has not guaranteed that children who, for instance, have attended a school for 5 years can complete their remaining year at that school.

For information on the petition, please email Tom Brenna <>. If you wish to add your name, please email Tom stating this and give your address, and your name will be added.

If you're interested in signing the petition, please let them know!

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