March 16, 2005

Incumbents re-elected in Dryden, Freeville

Village elections held yesterday returned incumbents to their seats in both Dryden and Freeville. In Dryden, Mayor Reba Taylor and Village Trustees Bob Witty and Mark Strom were re-elected over new Village Trustee challenger Jerry Carbo, while in Freeville Tom Lyson and Rachel Dickinson won re-election to their Trustee seats.

Election inspectors read the tallies
Election inspectors read the Village of Dryden tallies.

Dryden turnout was around 18%, and the unofficial tallies were:

Dryden MayorReba Taylor (R)156
Dryden TrusteeBob Witty (R)136
Mark Strom (R)125
Jerry Carbo (D)90
Freeville TrusteeThomas Lyson18
Rachel Dickinson16

While I was hoping for better turnout in Dryden, Freeville's participation rate seems remarkably low. It's not that different from last year, however.

Update: The Village of Dryden numbers were later revised with additional votes.

I'll cover the rest of the Dryden news in today's Journal (there's a lot) in a following story.

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