March 12, 2005

Land claim, supporting troops

It's a quiet day for Dryden in the Ithaca Journal. They run an AP story on the Onondaga land claim I mentioned yesterday. (The New York Times (registration required) also has an article on the claim this morning.)

On the opinion page, there's a laurel from Bill Cornell of Dryden, whose son's involvement in a kidnap rescue in Iraq was profiled in February:

LAUREL: From Bill Cornell of Dryden. To all those people in our community who so enthusiastically support our troops, particularly the county employees of the Human Services Building. These folks have been sending large packages to the soldiers of B Battery 2BN-15FA 2nd Brigade Combat Team out of Fort Drum since last July. I would also like to thank The Ithaca Journal for publishing positive stories about our service men and women. This hometown support contributes significantly to high morale and thus, a safer environment for our troops.

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