March 14, 2005

Mike Lane on tomorrow's Village of Dryden election

County Legislator Mike Lane writes the Ithaca Journal today to endorse Jerry Carbo for Village Trustee in tomorrow's Village of Dryden elections:

Jerry Carbo is running for one of the seats, and is well qualified. He has impressive experience in law and accounting. Jerry, his wife and children have returned to our area, bought a house and have made Dryden their home.

As trustee, Jerry will bring a serious, balanced approach to village government. Times are hard for taxpayers. The need to support necessary public services must always be weighed against the sharp bite of increasing real property taxes. Jerry is a fresh face; he wants to take a fresh look at village finances and services to ensure they are being delivered in the most cost effective manner. Jerry will work hard for all of us. On election day, please vote for him.

Voting will be tomorrow from noon to 9pm on the second floor of the Dryden Village Hall (map). I'm a little surprised not to have seen an article from the Journal profiling candidates, but I've been out of town and maybe it was just in the print version? Or maybe tomorrow. (They did run a piece at the beginning of last month.)

(Last week's issue of The Shopper, which I just got to, includes ads for Carbo and for the Republican slate of Reba Taylor for Mayor and Mark Strom and Bob Witty for Village Trustee.)

There's also an article on the agenda for tomorrow night's County Legislature meeting, which will include two resolutions about the proposed emergency radio project.

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