March 20, 2005

School report cards, freedom of information

Yesterday's online edition of the Ithaca Journal was late, and it looks like I got caught up in other stories, so it's time to catch up with yesterday's paper.

The Journal starts a six-part series on school report cards with a look at performance in the Ithaca schools. They also have a Q & A on School Report Cards, explaining what tests are used, who compiles the data, and what it might mean.

Two Dryden residents face DWI charges after incidents last week.

How They Voted lists votes at the last county legislature meeting, including one divided vote on spending $20,000 on training for the county administrator and others in negotiating with Motorola for the contract. The vote was 8-6. Among Dryden county legislators, Martha Robertson voted for it, Mike Lane voted against it, and George Totman was excused.

The Journal has two articles today on freedom of information laws, one on the limits of New York's Freedom of Information Law, and the other on hopes, if weak hopes, for revising the law to strengthen citizen access to information.

The Journal sends a laurel to the Health Planning Council of Tompkins County and the county legislature for the creation of the TompkinsRx card: "Fully 1,084 prescriptions have been filled for a total savings of $16,910."

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