March 29, 2005

Two-car accident on Yellow Barn Road

Last night's fog seems to have contributed to a two-car head-on collision that sent six people to the hospital last night on Yellow Barn Road. Dryden firefighters had to extricate both drivers, and a MedEvac helicopter couldn't help because of the fog.

A Freeville man was charged with marijuana possession after a traffic stop on Sunday.

In the Ithaca City School District, the board will be looking at ways to trim the budget in its meeting tonight from 7:00pm to 9:30pm at the district's administration building (map).

In county news, the Journal reports on a speech by County Legislature Chairman Tim Joseph to Ithaca Kiwanis in which he discussed the impact of state budget problems on the county, cutbacks they've required, and the county's decision not to spend money on a larger jail.

There are two letters from two Dryden residents today. One, from Noel Kurtz, suggests a shift from property taxes based on assessments to property fees based on simple criteria, as well as various cuts to spending. Maureen Brull of Dryden asks "When will we institute a mandatory death sentence to anyone who murders a child?"

The Journal's editorial looks at the quest for private funds to address things schools can't presently fund, saying:

Rather than wringing their hands and reciting sob stories to the school board, members of the Ithaca Public Education Initiative -- funded by generous individuals and businesses such as the Trust Company -- took matters into their own hands and created a new, hopefully ongoing, revenue stream to ensure educational extras.

That sounds great, so long as you have funding sources. One thing the Journal didn't mention was that similar things are happening on a smaller scale in the Dryden district, at the Dryden Youth Opportunity Fund.

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