March 27, 2005

'Woman from Dryden' and 1831 murder

In yesterday's Ithaca Journal, Tompkins County Historian Carol Kammen examines the 1831 murder of Fanny Clark in Ithaca by her husband, and mentions a Dryden link:

Then there was the added annoyance of the woman from Dryden: She had moved into the room next to the Clarks in the boarding house and was known to have a "bad reputation." Mrs. Clark became enraged when the "girl" appeared on the scene.

While state proposals for tax credits for volunteer firefighters have found mixed support locally, neighboring Congressman Hinchey and Senator Schumer are pushing a $1000 tax credit for volunteer firemen at the federal level.

On the opinion page, pet-related issues get both a laurel and a dart. The SPCA sends a laurel to "the 152 children who entered the Tompkins County SPCA's 'Dog Walk-a-Thon' logo contest." Anna Brewer of Dryden objects to "those who ignore leash laws," suggesting that "if you don't like the law, do something besides whine to the press to correct it." (Brewer responds in particular to this article and possibly this editorial.)

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