April 12, 2005

Courier on school budget, Anne Grant

I'm late getting to the Dryden Courier this week, and their article on the Dryden schools budget getting close to a 10% levy increase has been made obsolete by this morning's Journal article on their staying below 9%. There's lot of good detail on what went in and out of the budget in the Courier, of course.

The Courier also profiles Anne Grant, who will receive the second annual Sertoma Service To Mankind Award today. Grant has worked with projects and organizations including My Brother's Keeper, the Dryden Grange, Dryden Dairy Day, and the Southworth Library.

There's an article on the Onondaga Land Claim and what it might mean for Tompkins County, quoting County Legislator Mike Lane describing the recent Supreme Court ruling in the Sherrill case as "real good news, exciting news" for limiting the likely impact of the Land Claim on the area.

County Legislator George Totman, who represents Groton, the eastern edge of Lansing, and the McLean area of Dryden, announced he will run again this year.

In other county news, Tompkins County is now on the radar for an Empire Zone sometime in the next ten years, possibly in the next four years.

Harry Weldon writes about bridging Cayuga Lake, "just North of Lansing to just South of Trumansburg," in his Anecdotes and Brevities column. I've joked for years about the need for a suspension bridge there, though I think the tolls would have to be pretty steep (and people would have to want to pay them!) for that to work.

Dryden canoe racers Katherine and Gil Rosenberg placed in the Mixed Class in the Catatonk Canoe Regatta. Dryden track gets a mention in a survey of track teams in the area.

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