April 28, 2005

TC3 fundraiser for Nicaragua, Ivory Coast

This morning's Ithaca Journal reports that TC3 will be hosting a fundraiser for a Nicaraguan orphanage and an Ivory Coast medical clinic tomorrow with a benefit dinner at 6:30pm. Students visited the orphanage in January and will be sharing photographs and experiences, while a silent auction will be going on.

The Journal reports on candidates in the Dryden school board race, profiling newcomers Linnett Short and Brad Rauch in addition to incumbents Rachel Dickinson, Chris Gibbons, Amanda Kittelberger, and Karin LaMotte. There's also an article on the three incumbents on the Ithaca City School Board who are retiring.

The Journal's editorial looks at a proposed law for ensuring that non-profits receive tax exemptions only for uses "in correlation to the not-for-profit activity." The article notes that 1 in 16 parcels in Tompkins County is exempt, and 40% of the total assessed value.

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