April 26, 2005

The need for contested races

This morning's Ithaca Journal doesn't have much news about Dryden, but it does have an editorial on the need for competitive local elections in Tompkins County. The editorial states:

Just as competition makes athletes better -- and more interesting to watch -- active, contested elections force all candidates to be stronger, more open and more thorough in how they outline their goals or defend their records. That vigorous public debate is the surest way to engage an otherwise districted electorate and, if you believe in the democracy we all love to preach, the best way to find the wisest course for public policy.

Without this debate, public interest wanes and the number of votes needed to win shrinks to the point that small groups of interested parties can control the fortunes of thousands through quiet manipulation and inside deals.

They also note that:

a new non-partisan political group is forming, the "Coalition for Change," and it's looking for people from all political backgrounds to challenge what it calls the county's "status quo." If it keeps its non-partisan pledge, is could add some much needed energy.

I've heard Tom Hatfield, the Chairman of the Town of Dryden Republican Committee, has been promoting this on the Casey Stevens show on WHCU, but I haven't seen any details on what they're supporting. Something to watch for, I guess.

In the Ithaca schools, Superintendent Judith Pastel gave a history of the district, while an archeology dig over at Enfield Falls makes me wonder what, if anything, is still along old Monkey Run Road.

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