June 14, 2005

Courier on Hattery, retirements, Dairy Day

I should probably write about last week's Dryden Courier while it's still available on newsstands. The front page has an article about Town Councilman Mike Hattery's run for the County Legislature seat held by Mike Lane, as well as a picture of bicycle rodeo and a long piece recognizing retiring Dryden school employees. (Those profiled include high school assistant principal Larry Carr, kitchen worker Rose Fries, high school teacher Ray Borowictz, and elementary teachers Betty Pilato, Sharon Powers, Greg Nitti, and Jim Cherry.)

Inside, there's an editorial about claims made by a Republican running in Lansing for County Legislature which suggests that the Courier would like to see proof behind this year's political rhetoric, an extended section on Dairy Day (including a picture of Mike Lane in the dunk tank), and pictures of Dryden athletes Megan Stuttle and Amanda Christofferson in action.

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