June 15, 2005

Dryden swim team captain killed in crash

This morning's Ithaca Journal leads with sad news: Christopher Ackley, a Dryden High School and BOCES student, was killed in a car crash yesterday on Lake Road. 13-year-old Scott Adams was also injured.

In happier news, there's an article on how the Dryden Youth Opportunity Fund's grants are providing new opportunities for kids in Dryden.

The first Briefly in Dryden lists a request from Patchwork, which is just across the town line in Groton, for volunteers to help with riding lessons and chores. There's also an announcement that McLean firefighters are starting a fundraising campaign, and a listing of Dryden Youth Opportunity Fund grant recipients.

The second Briefly in Dryden lists two chicken barbecues to be held in Varna next weekend, one at the Varna Volunteer Fire Company at 11:00am and another at the Varna United Methodist Church at 3:00pm.

A Freeville man was charged with DWI in Ithaca.

In county news, the legislature's Budget and Capital Committee seems to have given County Administrator more flexibility in budgeting for a zero-increase target rather than requiring across-the-board cuts, though I'm not entirely sure from the article what the resolution actually did. County Legislator Martha Robertson voted for the resolution.

Also at the county level, the Board of Health supported a ban on most trash-burning, except for lawn and agricultural wastes. This won't take effect until after two public comment sessions.

Finally, in state news, New York State government proceedings may be coming to your television soon.

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