June 25, 2005

Exterior painting completed

Our house-painting saga has reached its happy conclusion. After power scraping in January, Bob and the crew from Perfect Painters returned two weeks ago to finish the job. They spent their first few days prepping, scraping, and priming, and they've spent this week transforming the house from primer white to a three-color combination.

Painting the side of the house
Carlos and Brian painting trim on the side of the house.

We picked house colors with the help of Robert Schweitzer's book Bungalow Exteriors. Our house isn't quite a traditional bungalow, but it's from the same period (1929) and its details are pretty close to a bungalow. We liked the house on page 160, and originally planned to go with its body of Downing Earth (Sherwin-Williams 2820), Rookwood Dark Green (SW 2816), and Polished Mahogany (SW 2838). After seeing a sample, we changed from the Polished Mahogany to Rookwood Red (SW 2802), a brighter, redder color.

The final result looks both striking, if you stop to look at it, and subdued enough to hide in the woods a bit.

Final paint - front of the house
Final paint - front of the house.

We did add one detail we'd discussed for years, putting copper paint under the archway on the front of the house. By day, in the shadows, it's not that visibly different from the red trim, but at night, with the light on, it glows.

Front entry, early evening
Front entry, early evening.

As usual, I've posted a gallery of photos. If you want to see the complete project from start to finish, here is the complete set of photo galleries:

It's a very different house now, and I'm delighted with both the results and the process of getting there.

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william murphy said:

Hey your house looks excellent. We're picking colors for our victorian and I was wondering whether you think Downing Earth has a hint of green in it. I ask because we originally thought it did, but the tinted primer looks more like putty color now that it's on the house. Also, where did you find that copper paint color?Looks awesome.

Rob Mushrall said:

How did you make the curved roof? It looks wonderful.

The curved roof came with the house. It seems to be pretty simple wooden construction, with a tar-paper roof.

The copper paint came from Sherwin-Williams, I think.