July 28, 2005

4-H Fair kicks off

This morning's Ithaca Journal reports on the 4-H Fair running through Saturday, to be held at 4-H Acres (map). The schedule looks packed, with animal shows, all kinds of contests, and plenty of food including a pancake breakfast and barbecue.

I stopped by the 4-H Fair this morning for the opening ceremony. Kids and adults said what they hoped to do this year, took the 4-H pledge, raised the flag, and then said the pledge to the flag.

Raising the flag
Raising the flag at the 4-H Fair.

Looks like it should be a great time.

In darker news, a Locke man accused of child pornography distribution worked as a substitute teacher in seven local school districts, including Dryden and Ithaca.

On the opinion page, the Journal's editorial congratulates Governor George Pataki for getting out while the getting's good. Pataki's done less damage than I initially expected, but less good than I'd hoped. In the last few years he seems to have spent much of his effort strengthening the powers of the governor's office as much as possible, making it all too easy for legislative leaders to justify their excessive powers over their membership as part of the brinksmanship of 3-man rule. I'm happy to see Pataki go, but I'd like to see a lot more of Albany's most powerful people depart at the same time. I suppose there's no easy way to make lobbyists depart, and gerrymandered districts make it almost as difficult for legislators to go.

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