July 19, 2005

DWI on Upper Creek

The only Dryden-specific story in today's Ithaca Journal is an article on a DWI arrest on Upper Creek Road at 4:25am Sunday morning.

There's also an article on Danby's negotiations with Time-Warner over a cable franchise agreement, which echoes some of the same things Dryden is doing. Dryden has an agreement that expired more than ten years ago and a 3% franchise fee that brings the town around $13,000 a year. As in Danby, the agreement is non-exclusive, and as in Danby, Time-Warner wants a 10-year agreement. The Dryden Town Board asked for five, and it's not clear what the town gains from the agreement anyway, since the 3% fee will get paid whether or not they sign a new agreement.

There's also an article discussing the County Legislature's options for filling a public works commissioner position, possibly by combining it with the planning commissioner's position.

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