July 8, 2005

Letters on schools, county negotiations

This morning's Ithaca Journal is quiet on Dryden news, but has two letters to the editor from Dryden residents. Edgar Seymour of Freeville writes to argue that in school budgets, "When all things are considered the majority of cost is under local control."

Iretta Ellis of Freeville, a county employee, writes about the impasse between the county and its unions, and worries that:

There doesn't seem to be any clear leadership in the county, no accountability for their actions. I believe this may come down to the fact that we tend to only pay attention to our legislature and county administrator when it is time for the budget to be approved or election time. Once the candidates have been elected and the budget is passed, we tend to forget about them and let them do as they want. Please, become involved and stay informed.

In the Ithaca School District, the board named Roy Dexheimer president and approved AVID, a program aimed at helping lower-income students, encouraging them to enroll in advanced courses and go on to college.

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