July 10, 2005

Public hearing on Comprehensive Plan Thursday

This Thursday's Town Board meeting will start with a 7:00pm public hearing about the Comprehensive Plan that's been coming through the Planning Board for the past few years. The Comprehensive Plan lays out the proposed future for the town for the next few decades, dealing with issues from densities for various parts of the town to approaches for preserving agriculture and open space to balancing commercial and residential development along Route 13.

The Comprehensive Plan went to the county for review, which came back with some recommendations for changes (173KB PDF, 504KB selectable). There's also a detailed set of suggestions in reponse to that letter (346KB PDF, 811KB selectable) from Environmental Planner Debbie Gross. She notes that the Town Board can override the county's formal objections with a majority plus one vote (a 4-1 vote, effectively), and explains the positions.

If you haven't read the Comprehensive Plan, I strongly encourage it. Pages 51 and onward are the specific recommendations, and Maps 5-1 to 5-3 show the proposed shape of the town in the future. I find 5-3 especially useful, as the proposed additional water and sewer service shows where much of the new denser development might go that doesn't exist today.

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