July 2, 2005

Varna expands

New York State makes it very difficult for cities and villages to expand, requiring complex annexation processes, as the Ithaca Journal discussed yesterday in relation to the City and Town of Ithaca.

On the other hand, hamlets, which aren't incorporated, are largely the area between a pair of road signs. The signs for Varna have marked the core of the hamlet for as long as I can remember, but on Monday, the Department of Transportation put up new signs, one of which expands Varna a mile east of its earlier sign.

New Varna sign
New Varna sign, a mile east of the old one.

On the other side, the hamlet seems to have inched closer to Cornell University as well. I'm not sure who's decreed this expansion, but it seems reasonable to me - though it just misses including my house.

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