August 17, 2005

Clockmakers in Dryden

Today's Journal visits Mary Ann and Terry Lutz, two clockmakers in Dryden. The Lutzes make reproductions of 19th century clocks, and were recently named among the top traditional artisans by Early American Life magazine. I found some of their work online - well worth a look!

Briefly in Dryden includes some upcoming events:

  • The Dryden Town Historical Society will be having a walking tour at the Dryden Lake Golf Club (map) on Sunday, August 21st, from 2:00pm to 4:00pm. They'll be having talks about the golf course and the Dryden Lake area more broadly.

  • The Varna Community Association will be hosting another community yard sale on Saturday, August 20th, from 9:00am to 3:00pm. I wrote about last year's event, and it was well worth visiting.

The Youth Commission is also still looking for two new members.

Cathy Wakeman's Dryden Town Talk reports on both updates at local elementary school playgrounds and the Dryden Lake Golf Course event. Wakeman notes that volunteers can help at the Freeville Elementary School playground this Saturday, August 20th, and at Dryden Elementary School next Saturday, the 27th.

In county news, the legislature voted to accept a report on constructing three new buildings, but not to fund it. Legislator Mike Lane voted against accepting the report, as he was opposed to the location of one of the buildings.

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