August 29, 2005

Dryden Democrats nominate Sumner, Lutwak

At Thursday night's caucus, the Dryden Democrats nominated Paul Lutwak and Mary Ann Sumner as their candidates for the November election for Town Board.

Mary Ann Sumner has lived in Dryden on Neimi Road for 30 years, raising children while working as a business director for local nonprofits. She's especially interested in fiscal openness and accountability and the implementation of the Comprehensive Plan.

Paul Lutwak has lived on Midline Road in Dryden for 15 years, and works as Director of Instructional and Informational Technology for the Newfield School District. He's a member of the Zoning Board of Appeals, and looks forward to bringing his skills - "doing a lot with a little," as he said Thursday night - to town issues.

At the caucus, we discussed how the town, which is geographically and demographically diverse, deserves representation that reflects that diversity. Both Lutwak and Sumner spoke about the board's duty to control spending, concerned that that rising assessments obscure the fact that spending in the Town has risen significantly in the past two years.

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