August 7, 2005

Dryden soldier in Iraq

This week's Dryden Courier leads with a profile of Rob Bailey, a US Army Reserve Lieutenant Colonel serving in Iraq. The article is largely an interview with his brother, John Bailey, also of Dryden, and echoes Bailey's Memorial Day address.

Also on the front page is an article introducing the new pastor of Dryden United Methodist Church, Alan Kinney. Kinney grew up in New Jersey, served as pastor in Gouverneur, New York for the past ten years, and now finds himself not too far from where his distant ancestors settled in Cortland.

The 4-H Fair gets coverage, with a photo on the front page and an article inside that talks with kids. There's also an article on McLean's recent Happenin' in the Hamlet, with a picture of the McLean Fire and Rescue squad demonstrating an extraction from a vehicle.

The editorial notes the difficulties created for the paper by having the Dryden, Groton, and Lansing school boards all meet the same Monday nights. Even within Dryden, scheduling is a challenge, and there have been a lot of times I've let one story go in favor of another when they were scheduled on top of each other.

Doug Brown of Doug's Trash Removal in Groton (who pick up my trash) talks about the challenges of running a hauling business when gas prices (and tire prices) keep climbing. He's already lost some customers to increased prices, and doesn't look forward to doing it again.

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Heather Durr said:

I am requesting that you send me an electronic copy of the article you wrote about LTC Robert Bailey. He was serving overseas in Iraq.
I am Heather Durr, from his reserve unit and I am documenting our soldiers' experiences over in Iraq.
Many thanks!
Heather Durr 518-283-8782