August 5, 2005

More happenin' in the hamlet

It must be a light news day, but we get some extra pictures in the Ithaca Journal from McLean's Happenin' in the Hamlet last Saturday.

There's a big question to be answered about who pays for new equipment to connect to the County's planned emergency communications network - municipalities, departments, or the county.

On the opinion page, the Journal joins the call for a special session for the legislature to reform its own process, from campaign finance reform to ethics to "the mother of it all - redistricting." As they conclude:

But now we have a lame-duck governor divorced from Albany's opera and looking to look good on a national stage. We also have 212 legislators not running for election this fall, still insulated enough from the coming election cycle and nervous enough from the last one to feel secure in their invincibility and willing to take some risks.

Summer break has been fun, but New York needs a special session this fall dedicated to political reform.

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