August 3, 2005

New Methodist minister in Dryden

Cathy Wakeman's Dryden Town Talk column introduces the incoming Methodist minister, Alan Kinney. She also announces Intergenerational Band performances August 13th and 14th, swimming lessons, and Etna Community Church's Vacation Bibe School.

Phoenix Books had a small fire on their porch, as a cigarette apparently started a fire that did $500 worth of damage. I'm very happy to hear that the store is all right.

Two Dryden county legislators have concerns about possible construction of a health department, Center of Government, and Justice Center. Legislator Martha Robertson is quoted as saying that "I may agree on a plan to build a new Health Department building, but I can't support that location." Legislator Mike Lane suggests a larger problem:

"I don't think I am in a position to support a move forward with the capital projects," said Michael Lane, D-Dryden. "We simply do not have the money and that is the truth."

Lane added that that county still needs to address repairs to the Public Safety Building after it decided to not build a new jail last year.

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