October 17, 2005

A troubling correction

I'm extremely late getting to today's paper, but the Journal does something unusual, issuing a correction to letter to the editor, one with sad relevance to Dryden. The letter stated that:

Dentes has prosecuted successfully a decade of criminal cases, just two examples offhand are: [...] the pervert who assaulted, murdered and dismembered two Dryden cheerleaders; are off-the-streets along with dozens of other criminals who could make your county unsafe.

The correction states that:

John B. Andrews, was arrested on Oct. 7, 1996 and weeks later indicted for the murder of two Dryden cheerleaders. Two days after being indicted, on Nov. 2, 1996, Andrews committed suicide in a Tompkins County Jail cell. The case was never prosecuted by District Attorney George Dentes.


In brighter news, the SPCA has welcomed five dogs left homeless by Hurricane Katrina to its Hanshaw Road shelter.

Also, you may (if you live in Dryden or anywhere in New York) be happy to know that you live in the sixth-safest state in the nation, according to a recent FBI survey of police statistics. Since 1994, crime in the state is down 44.9%, with violent crime down 51.9%.

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