October 15, 2005

Comp plan, speed limits, flu

This morning's Ithaca Journal reports on Thursday night's Town Board meeting, where the comprehensive plan passed with modification to the trails. The Journal also notes that the New York State Department of Transportation will be reducing speed limits on Route 79 in the Town of Dryden from 55mph to 45mph; County Legislator Martha Robertson reported that in a letter she got from the DOT.

Robertson also receives accolades from Nari and Gin Mistry on the opinion page, where they write:

Martha was instrumental in starting the TompkinsRx prescription drug discount card plan -- county residents without drug coverage can now save 20-25 percent on their prescriptions. Affordable healthcare for struggling residents is a priority for her. She fought against state mandates that have shifted the tax burden to local communities and with her help the county Legislature won a cap on the county's share of Medicaid expenses. On issues that we bring up, she is always ready to listen and work hard to provide solutions. She understands the needs of local businesses and of the many farms that dot our county. She is committed to working for housing options for the diverse families that make up our community. She works to keep Dryden residents informed of local issues and planning, and to involve them in the process. Yes, Martha is responsive and eager to help residents resolve their concerns.

There's also a report on preparations for flu season this year.

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