October 13, 2005

Lifton, Lane find firefighters $50,000 in state funds

I was late getting there, unfortunately, but Assemblywoman Barbara Lifton and County Legislator Mike Lane held a press conference today announcing $50,000 in state funds for equipment for Freeville's W.B. Strong and Dryden's Neptune Hose Company fire departments.

Lifton, Lane, Flynn, Tier, and Down
Assemblywoman Barbara Lifton, County Legislator Mike Lane, Neptune Hose Company Chief Ron Flynn, Neptune Hose Company Board Member Dan Tier, W.B. Strong Chief Andy Down.

I don't usually post press releases, but as I missed the main event, it seems like good compromise, and there's useful information about where the money's going.

October 13, 2005 - PRESS RELEASE

Assemblywoman Barbara Lifton and Tompkins County Legislator Michael Lane jointly announced today that they have secured New York State capital funding to assist the Dryden and Freeville Fire Departments to obtain sorely needed special equipment for emergency preparedness. The $50,000 in funding will go to purchase such things as emergency generators, thermal imaging cameras, multi-gas meters, technical rescue items, and additional equipment to provide for firefighters' personal safety.

Assemblywoman Lifton said: "I am pleased to have been able to work with Mike Lane to get state funding to the Dryden and Freeville fire departments for the purchase of critical equipment. Mike was aware of the fire departments' needs and asked that I try to secure this funding for them, and I am very pleased that Speaker Silver approved the project."

Legislator Lane commented Volunteer firefighters in this district undergo extraordinary training, and are ever vigilant to provide a high level of emergency services to the public. To make them most effective, they must have up-to-date equipment to render quick and effective lifesaving protection for the people of Freeville and Dryden.

In seeking funding for their departments, Dryden Chief Ron Flynn and Freeville Chief Andy Down stated that "Smaller communities across the state struggle to find money t o help fund special equipment purchases that increase the level of preparedness without having to raise [local] taxes."

When I arrived, Town Councilman Steve Stelick was talking about how the town is also addressing similar needs, and that Freeville was taking $10,000 of the $15,000 it was receiving in this grant and reducing their 2006 funding request to the Town by that amount.

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