November 15, 2005

Planning, downtown and on borders

There's not a lot of specifically Dryden news, but County Legislator Mike Lane is mentioned in the Cayuga Green tax abatements discussion:

IDA Chairman and County Legislator Michael Lane requested a breakdown of financial assumptions and projections by the project's components, such as a 35,500-square-foot movie theater, 46,450 square feet of retail space, and 47,300 square feet of residential space.

The Journal's editorial notes that state law now requires that projects within 500 feet of a municipal boundary include neighbors in hearing processes (for special permits, subdivisions, and site plan review, not your average house). Dryden's boundary areas are largely empty, except for houses. It does remind me of Ellis Hollow Road residents' objections to the Burger King in East Hill Plaza, but this wouldn't have affected that as the Burger King is much further than 500 feet from the line.

Arthur Barry of Dryden writes that "Only the voices of the living are being heard in [the abortion] debate."

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