December 21, 2005

Christmas villages in the Village of Freeville

This morning's Ithaca Journal visits Nancy Carver and Lorraine Buonviri's Christmas spectacular in their home in Freeville. Fifty Santas on a piano? Is that enough? Perhaps not. It takes three days to set up the decorations, starting the day after Thanksgiving.

In Dryden Town Talk, Cathy Wakeman looks at the work of the Dryden Youth Opportunity Fund, and ways their fund-raising supports local activities. She also announces a Christmas Eve Family Candlelight Service to be held this Saturday at 5:00pm at the Etna Community Church.

Briefly in Dryden lists planning for the 1996 Dryden High School reunion, as well as a senior services forum to be held January 12th from 11:00am to 3:00pm at Dryden Fire Hall.

In county news, there's a piece on the county modifying its charter to allow the legislature to shift to a three-year assessment cycle. It passed 8-7, with Dryden legislators Mike Lane (who's pushed hard for this for a long time) and Martha Robertson supporting it, while McLean legislator George Totman opposed it.

Lane also has a guest column on voting machines in New York, calling on the election commissioners to hold public hearings on the decision-making process. Assessment turns up in a letter from Joe Riggins of Freeville, doesn't think the three-year assessment proposal does much.

The Ithaca school district changed school start times, and Briefly in Tompkins notes the Cayuga Bird Club's Christmas Bird Count, which will include most of Dryden.

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