January 13, 2006

3-year dog license - if rabies shots are current

This morning's Ithaca Journal notes a change in the dog licensing rules. In Dryden, you'll be able to get a dog license for as long as your dog's rabies vaccination is current, up to three years. However, your dog's license will also expire when the rabies vaccination does, and you'll need to renew the license after that happens. There's a nice quote from Town Clerk Bambi Hollenbeck about dealing with it:

"Maybe we can let people run and get the vaccination and then come back to us," Bambi Hollenbeck, Dryden's town clerk, speculated. "We're willing to work with people — we're not a bunch of witches; we're pretty nice people".

The Town Clerk's office has always been helpful to me, and I'm happy to be able to think about dog licenses less often, but I suspect this will take some people by surprise.

There's an article on a reception for the $1.86 million TC3 purchase of the M&T Bank building, which will be renamed TC3 Tioga Place.

Briefly in Tompkins reports the arraignment on additional charges of a man accused of a December 1st rape.

There are two general pieces on the county - one looking at the unseasonable weather we've had the past few days and one looking at possible cuts in the number of local nursing home beds.

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