January 19, 2006

Cornell energy, traffic

There's a lot happening just past Dryden's western edge. Cornell is planning to add two natural gas turbines generating electricity to its heating plant, improving its efficiency to 75% (from 49%) and reducing their amount of coal burned by 30-50%. (I applaud Cornell for its efforts to improve efficiency and reduce pollution, but the shift to natural gas for power generation is one of the reasons natural gas prices keep climbing, and why a once seemingly limitless resource for home heating has become far more scarce. It's not a simple positive.)

Also, Cornell and the Town of Ithaca are revising the scope of their joint traffic study, in which I understand the Town of Dryden will also be participating to some extent.

Oneonta State Police Major Kevin Molinari, who led the Chenango County search for two murdered Dryden teenagers, has been promoted to commander of Troop C.

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