January 2, 2006

Gramma's Country Kitchen, and much more

Reading the Ithaca Journal lately, I get a sense that Dryden is a very sleepy place. Reading the December 28th Dryden Courier, though, I see a very active community with all kinds of things happening.

I'm not positive, but I seem to remember advice columnist Amy Dickinson requesting prayers for the reopening of Toad's Diner during her presentation at the Freeville church in August. Coffee and food are available there once again, the Courier reports, as Phyllis Heller and her family opened Gramma's Country Kitchen. I'll have to go try it out!

Sharing the front page with that good news is a picture of the Dryden Junior Chorus and an article on Dryden fourth graders making gingerbread houses. Pictures inside show their work in progress.

Inside the front page is an article on Dryden Elementary teacher Barbara Florence, who's showing teens how to cook - from scratch - at Cassavant Elementary's Calling All Teens program. Opposite of that is an article on how the Dryden schools decide if it's a snowday or not, and there's another notice of the Dryden School Board's seeking applicants to fill a vacancy.

Instead of an editorial, there's a piece from the Tompkins County Town Clerk's Association about their disapproval of the county's plans to change the way property taxes are collected.

The next few pages cover local accomplishments, with a profile of Lutheran minister Laura Daly, an Etna resident who will be taking over as pastor of St. Paul's Lutheran Church in Spencer. There's also an article on Kristie Rice's becoming the first female fire chief in Tompkins County, leading the McLean fire department. TC3 art instructor Harry Littell also gets mentioned for his co-authoring Margaret Bourke-White: The Early Work, 1922-1930.

In sports, the Courier reports a Dryden victory over Trumansburg in boys basketball, and a victory for Dryden wrestling over Union Springs. There's a picture of Dryden wrestler Cody Sykes as well.

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