January 25, 2006

Reasons to focus on the local

NYCO's Blog regularly reminds me of why I find running this site interesting. Tonight she's posted a piece called How I got local, and it echoes my own sentiments:

I just don't care to discuss all that national stuff any more, although I occasionally will. We know what's happening in Washington, and what's going to continue to happen regardless of who controls it, and we know this because the future has already arrived, in this region. We are on the cutting edge. ("We" meaning the region, not bloggers...

Upstate New York is frequently a preview of the nation 50 years in advance, if you're wondering about the cutting edge aspect. We've lost a lot of industry here over the last fifty years - and the states where it moved are watching it go overseas, following the same transition. We were ahead of our time on religious, political, and social movements over the last two centuries - so maybe it's a good idea to look around at what's here rather than watching the national news talk about national politics.

We have a lot of local and regional conversations worth having.

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