January 27, 2006

Village of Dryden caucuses

This week's edition of The Shopper lists Democratic and Republican caucuses for Village of Dryden Elections. Each caucus is a gathering of village residents to select candidates for the March 21, 2006 village trustee elections. Registered Democrats can participate and vote in the Democratic caucus, and registered Republicans can participate and vote in the Republican caucus. (You don't have to be a registered member of a party to run for office on that line, however.)

Both caucuses will be selecting candidates for two-year Village Trustee positions, currently held by Dan Wakeman (R) and Mary Ellen Bossack (D).

The Republican caucus will be at 7:00pm on Tuesday, January 31st, and the Democratic caucus will follow at 8:00pm. Both will be held on the second floor of the Dryden Village Hall (map).

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