February 24, 2006

Crash at Simms Hill Road, 13

This morning's Ithaca Journal reports a crash yesterday morning between a car turning left onto Simms Hill Road and another car traveling north on 13. Three people were injured, and both cars totaled. Dryden and McLean firefighters responded and put out a car fire, and Dryden Ambulance took the injured to hospitals.

(I was at that intersection last night, and the snow then was basically impossible to see through. I'm glad not to have joined the list of recent accidents there.)

There's a photo of blood donation at TC3, and an announcement of a chicken and biscuit dinner Saturday at the Freeville Methodist Church starting at 4:00pm.

On the opinion page, there are three letters from Dryden about the recent uproar over cartoon caricatures of Mohammed. The Journal itself has decided not to publish the cartoons, despite a request from Richard Jorgensen of Freeville. Brian Jones of Freeville complains about anti-Semitic cartoons in Muslim nation papers and anti-Christian imagery here in the United States. Helen Mundell of Dryden cites St.Paul: "Well, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you are doing, do all for the honour of God: give no offence to Jews, or Greeks, or to the church of God."

If you need something more to worry about, there's an article on New York State's planning for possible pandemics. I think I'll stock up on my two weeks of food and water before everyone else rushes to the store. (And Prepared Tompkins, which just started recently, is also providing advice on these issues.)

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