February 3, 2006

Library, cheerleaders

This morning's Ithaca Journal has more on the library funding referendum, looking at how other communities in the region have dealt with library funding. I was shocked when Corning Public Library closed for a year after a referendum failed,at a time when Corning was supposedly booming, but fortunately that option doesn't seem likely at present. All of the letters on the opinion page oppose the tax district, though none of them are from Dryden.

The referendum (which only applies to residents of the Ithaca City School District) will be next Tuesday, with voting at the places you normally vote in school elections.

A photo of Lansing cheerleaders after their win at the Watkins Glen championship is a chance to point out a bit of Dryden news I'd missed, though it was noted in the Journal article on the championships as a whole: Dryden's JV Cheerleaders won the Division I title for the area. Dryden coach Alisha Burlingame is quoted:

"At games, they're there to support their team. This is their day," said Alisha Burlingame, coach of Dryden's varsity and JV squads. Once a Dryden cheerleader herself, Burlingame is well acquainted with the hard work that goes into each routine.

"It's great to see them have one special day and pour their heart into it. They have so much fun," she said.

Thanks to a sharp-eyed reader for pointing out the omission.

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