March 31, 2006

Carpenters highlight TC3 Foundation dorm construction practices

The Empire State Regional Council of Carpenters had a sign and handed out fliers (32KB PDF) about labor practices at the new TC3 dorm construction. The Pike Company is apparently importing non-union labor from Rochester through subcontractor Pooler Enterprises.

I talked with Brian Noteboom, a Council Representative. He pointed out that while the law forbidding community colleges from owning dormitories forced TC3 to set up the TC3 Foundation to create their dormitories, that foundation no longer has to abide by the prevailing wage laws that normally apply to college construction.

I've felt it was strange that the state forbade community colleges from having dormitories, but now I have yet another reason to find that law bizarre. Hopefully this banner got some people thinking, including people at TC3 and maybe even in Albany.

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