March 25, 2006


I haven't seen a huge number of deer this year - though I did hit one at slow speed on Hanshaw Road a few weeks ago - so I was surprised to look out my window on this scene:

Deer at birdfeeder
Deer at bird feeder.

It didn't seem to mind me taking pictures, so I went outside and found more deer, four of them, who started thinking about leaving when I came out and finally took off when the dogs came out.

Group of deer departing
Group of deer departing.

It's been a quieter year here for deer sightings than some, but there are lots of them on the hills and in the fields, nibbling on all the nice food we put out for them. (Well, we don't put it out for them, but the deer just think we're generous.)

Posted by simon at March 25, 2006 11:09 AM in
Note on photos


Ben said:

You know when shooting pictures with lots of snow to dial in some extra exposure compensation (eg +1, +1.5 or more), right?

It prevents that gray snow look.

Yep. This was just a grab-the-camera-before-the-deer-run-away kind of moment. If the camera hadn't been on the kitchen table anyway, there wouldn't be any photos!

The first one was shot through a window with a plastic sheet over it, too, so lots of yuck.