March 11, 2006

Village of Dryden election advertising

I still haven't seen any news at all of Freeville's village elections, but ads about the Village of Dryden elections have been running in The Shopper for the past two weeks. A week ago, Democrats Mary Ellen Bossack and Jim Willer asked "What's in the 2006-2007 Dryden Village Budget?", referring to a budget that comes from the Mayor after elections.

In this week's issue, Willer and Bossack ask "How does Dryden Village hire its staff?" and write that they "believe that all civic jobs should be publicly posted." Republicans Dan Wakeman and Randy Sterling claim that a vote for them is a vote for "fiscal responsibility, public works, public safety, economic growth, and commerical center revitalization."

Village of Dryden elections will be held on Tuesday, March 21st, from noon to 9:00pm on the second floor of the Dryden Village Hall (map).

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