April 6, 2006

Local gas prices climb

This morning's Ithaca Journal explores the impact of higher gas prices on the Ithaca area. It even includes a handy list of current gas prices, though it's kind of hard to tell what they mean when a station is listed only as "Citgo, Route 13".

On the opinion page, Jason Leifer of Dryden responds to what seems to have been the first of a series of blistering recent guest columns bashing liberals. He writes:

Democrats support pursuing terrorists, but unlike some Republicans we recognize that a competent president could defeat the terrorists without violating our laws. 9/11 did not change the simple fact that we are a nation of laws. Nothing in the Constitution permits President Bush to play king and choose what laws he will follow.

The editorial reminds readers of the tremendous work TST BOCES does for area school districts.

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