May 27, 2006

Endorsement reporting

The Ithaca Journal, never a paper to shy from controversy, calls their article on Democratic endorsements Dems endorse Valenti for fifth term as county clerk. Valenti got lots of praise at Thursday's meeting for the excellent work she's done, but it's also the only race in this year's election where Democrats and Republicans are likely to endorse the same candidate. (Valenti is, I believe, a Republican.) Meanwhile, endorsements in contested races, notably those for Congress in the 24th district and for sheriff, get buried in a paragraph at the bottom of the story.

I really hope to see a parallel article titled "Republicans endorse Valenti for fifth term as county clerk" when they do their endorsements, with the same structure. I also hope to see an article on Valenti and the work she's done nearer the election, as her generally non-political work and that of the people she oversees is often taken for granted.

There's a letter from Martha Ferger of Dryden supporting changing the name of the library to "The Martin Luther and Coretta Scott King Library".

Finally, if you have scrap metal lying around, the Dryden Highway department will be collecting metal through May 31st at its garage (map).

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