May 5, 2006

Tick warning

I don't normally use my own medical adventures for this site, but today seems like a worthy exception.

It's apparently an excellent year for ticks.

I removed a tick from my dog Spring a couple of weeks ago, and was horrified this morning to find I had a tick on my chest, apparently feasting. Worse, it looked to be a deer tick, the kind that carries Lyme Disease. I attempted to get it to retreat by smothering it in Vaseline, but apparently it just died.

So, off I went to the Cayuga Medical Center's Convenient Care...

(Note: Picture in the extended entry - no need to scare people on the main page.)

where they removed the tick and gave me instructions (113KB PDF) and a prescription for Doxycycline, just in case the tick had in fact given me Lyme Disease. They don't think it likely, as the tick hadn't been on there very long, but just in case, I took the stuff. I was apparently the second tick removal of the morning.

Unwelcome visitor
Unwelcome visitor - a deer tick.

I guess the mild winter may have given ticks a boost. I strongly encourage anyone working in tall grass or forest edges to watch closely for these things, as the removal process, though the doctor seemed great, wasn't exactly pleasant. (Novocaine helped, but the shot itself wasn't fun, and it doesn't feel great now.)

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KAZ said:

We would be happy to provide you with a rooster (or guinea hen) as a permanent tick-eating guest at your home.

Curt and Lura Thuneman said:

We are most definately interested. Our 2acres here in Elizabeth Arkansas is infested with ticks.

robin said:

has any body had more than one bullseye rash in any given time? I HAD 24!!!

Jay said:

I am scared of tick. Last 4 day I went to California Camp Park's and they said there will be tick and i was scared i don't think i have it and i have a pimp and not sure is it a tick.

Lindsay said:

"i have a pimp and not sure is it a tick"

if it's oddly coloured or very red, it might be a tick in larva stage. If that is the case, they tend to be too small to embed their heads and all you have to do is pick them off.

We're from Maryland and we went to some little town in Virginia for an Airsoft OP and the woods there were infested with lone star ticks and dog ticks. My brother got 5 clinging to his legs and had to pull them off. The heads weren't embedded yet, but in a couple of hours they would have been. I was the lucky one, we pulled them all off of me before we got home, except for a couple of blood-red baby ones I had to pick off my thigh.

Lindsay said:

"has any body had more than one bullseye rash in any given time? I HAD 24!!!

The bullseye rashes are caused by bites from deer ticks. Go to the doctor and get antibiotics for Lyme disease, just in case.

J said:

i found tick in my bed couple days ago jumping next to my 1 1/2 month baby. he had a little red dot on his arm i put listerine on it now its gone but should i do anything else?

hanna said:

i found one on my arm yesterday and called the hospital. the hospital directors gave me advice
they said do no try to smuther the tick in anything , if it does carry a disease and you try to smuther it, it will release salive into your blood stream causing you to get the disease, instead if it's little you scrape it off with a credit card. and if it's bigger use tweasers to pull it out

tim said:

wow.. you guys are babys.

Amanda said:

"Wow you guys are babys"
i didnt post any of these but who ever posted that is EXTREMELY RUDE!

hmm said:

heat up a needle and slowly approach the tick with it. if you touch it, it will release from you. i used to just pull them off. it doesn't hurt.

Christa said:

Yesterday morning when I was in the shower I noticed a tick on my breast. It was still very small when I noticed it but asked several different people on how to remove it and got different answers. I came online and all answers pointed to taking tweezers to it. I had no idea how it had gotten there! I live in the city. I pulled it out but now I have a little red bump and I'm not sure if its normal or not... Still searching for answers on here I guess. Anyway, FREAKY.

turners123 said:

We found 2 ticks after showering today. one was full and the other was still flat. removed both with tweezers (very slowly pulling, not squeezing). The full one came right off. The flat one held on like hell. finally got it off. going to the doctor tomorrow to have both ticks and myself tested for lyme disease.

Apple said:

I went hiking last Thursday and found a tick on my stomach when I got home. I pulled it off (head and all) and thought everything was fine until Wednesday when my teeth and gums started to hurt. My gums became red and swollen and bled when I brushed my teeth. It turns out that the bacteria from the tick caused a flesh-eating gingivitis (despite brushing and flossing everyday)! I just returned from the hospital where I needed to get an IV and several prescriptions to prevent my teeth falling out, serious tissue deterioration, or the spread of the disease to my jaw bone! Ticks can be very serious and being concerned about them is not being a baby!

Jadee HArdie said:

When we were on the grade 8 trip in ottawa, i noticed a tick under the brim of my sock.. Don't see how you guys have problems with them?
Take a lighter, heat it up and touch the rear end of the tick. it should loosen it's grip and fall out. then crush it with the end of the ligher. PEACE!

Marty Graves said:

I found a deer tick on my upper thigh after taking my shower. I didn't know what it was at first, but it was well embedded and didn't want to come off. I dont think it was on more than 24 hours, but I went to my MD and got doxicycline just in case. I was told that if I had flu like symptoms in about two weeks from now, I should return and get the full antibiotic course.

Sam said:

I just pulled one off my area only recently got them so I don't really know much about them. Do they tend to move around to pick a spot? Do they ever feed in more than one spot? I have a small spot that's bleeding but it's quite far from the spot I pulled the tick off (scratched it off with a nail, not realizing what it was)Thanks!

Jimmy said:

I had a really big welt, now its spreading like wild fire and has made a rash like you wouldn't believe and it is itching like crazy! Was it a tick!?

Sinan Akgoz said:

In Turkey recently 20 plus people died of tick bites and it is spreading fast. Is it not curable?

Noelle Tormbly said:

My Father found a tick (I live in Ohio, and Deer ticks are VERY uncommon.) after he went golfing, and it was HUGE. It was (if you have a mac.) about the size of the little scroller on the mouse. Seroiusly. It was HUGE.

We drowned it,.

Jamie said:

I went paint balling up state N.Y and found a large tick on my stomach. The staff member pulled it off. It had a apot on its back (lone star I suppose). 2 days later I feel flu like symptons but no rash. When the tick was pulled off a little spot of blood showed. All my friends had little baby ones on them. What should I do at this point?

betty-Jo woodard said:

my dad and brother have a farm in upstate ny, Oswego ny to be exact. In 2005 my dad noticed a bite on his left wrist. he treated it with anti-biotic creams to start with. It got very red and much bigger. he went to a dermatologist in syr ny. they had never seen anything like it, gave him something to put on it and sent him home. to make a long story short, he slowly over the next 2 years began to suffer all the syptoms of lymes disease. we questioned the drs but were told he had alzheimers disease, which if you compare the syptoms of both diseases,you will see they are remarkedly the same. finally after 2 years of pleading with the dr, in nov of 2007 they finally did some extensive tests, that revealed that my dad did have limes diseae and it was in the last stages. He passed away on nov 7th 2007. if the drs would have listened to us earlier he might have been able to avoid the pain the disease causes, maybe his life could have been saved. I can't stress enough how important it is for anyone that notices a tic or a bullseye rash, to get it checked out. It should not be taken lightly! I also think that there should be more pamphlet's put in drs. offices, health clinics and hospitals. People, Drs, and the general public need to imformed!

paul ngo said:

i when horse riding on June 4, 2008 , when home took a bath and find a tick on my back so at first I didnt know what it was so i look in the mirror saw a tick so i put it out but it left the head or leg still stuck cause i still feel it so I had my girlfriend pull it out with the tweezer. But three weeks later i had a big red spot but not a bullsize look so i when to the doc, ask me if i feel any fever, no fever or any illness so I had a blood test anyway. the blood result was nagative but it been 3 month now and i still have the stupid red spot the size of a take Triamcinoline acetonide cream to get rid of the spot.

becca said:

So, i just met my first tick. I thought it was a bit weird that there was a coffee bean on my bedroom floor... I guess she was full of puppy blood and on her way to some nice crevice to lay eggs, die and leave her legacy to take over my house. Hope she's the only one.

robert donovan said:

thank you for the info, i was bow hunting,with some friends .got 8 point buck next mormming woke up found a deer tick on my chest, dug it out, pinch it throu it away . didn,t think anymore about it ,now everyone telling me go see a doctor. and it just like the photo above . thank you again bob d

Scott said:

Found one on my hand after waking up while camping. Don't know if it was a deer tick or not, but this isn't my first tick bite.

I just pull them off gently, clean the bite if I feel like it. The human body is not that fragile, and the chance of you getting an incurable disease from a tick is very low unless you're consistently exposed. You have an immune system for a reason.

So in short, it's not that complex. Gently pull the thing off, and clean it if you like. If you feel sick, go to the doctor and press the issue of the recent tick bite.

Contrary to popular moronic thought, Doctors are not medical gods. If you think you have Lyme's disease, then get tested for it whether the doctor reccomends it or not. It's not like they can stop you.

AJ Garcia said:

I am sorry to say that I bought some sofas at a local donation store, I told my self AJ you just got a good deal. Two sofas for $100.00 - Guess what? A couple of days later I found ticks all over my poor shih tzu dog. I called pest control, took my dog to get groomed and I can not sleep @ night thinking about these ugly and gross animals.

lucie k. said:

how many times can a tick bite before latching on. i have several spots that look like a tick bite. but i only pulled out one from that area. i have had four tick in two days. so every one check yourselves and the animals

jonny said:

A couple days ago I walked through the woods with my friends. I woke up the next morning and hopped in the shower, and when I looked down at my chest I saw a tick hanging there on my stomach muscle. It looked dead and when we pulled it out with tweezers it didn't move. I got antibiotics in case it gave me anything, and tested negative for lyme etc. Now 2 days later I itched my shoulder blade and felt something weird like a big zit. So I pulled it out and it was another tick, this one didn't look like it was there for a while. Weird how did the second one get there? I went into no wilderness today. Lady at the hospital says the ticks are migrating farther north, before this time I only had one or two other ticks and I like my outdoors.

Glen said:

I just got bitten by a deer tick. My gf noticed a red spot on my legs, and I tried scratching it off. When I took a closer look I found out its a sort of insect (no idea at that time what it was). My gf pull it off using her twister and insisted it was a dog tick. Though I heard that deers had ticks, and those ticks comes with serious illness... I wasn't thinking it will happen to me. My gf and I did some online research and talk to someone with lots of experience outdoors here in northeast US. I'm from Florida and recently been staying upstate NY. We found out it was a deer tick. She cleans and put some antibiotic ointment for now. We're pretty sure the bite and sucking was less than 24 hours (they say it's safe if its less than 24-36 hrs). SO far no symptoms yet... but my gf insisted to see a doctor, and she's self medicating me with garlic (herbal vit.) until I'll see a doctor for the antibiotic. If you're biten from this creatures... it can caused meningitis, lyme disease to name the few, and that's a scary line-up that shouldn't be taken lightly.

Shelby said:

I was out by a Cold water spring and wondered around in the woods on Sunday evening and now today(Tuesday after noon) I felt a tickle on my arm and brushed it and then looked, It Was a TICK :P then I felt something on my neck right before that then I felt again and I scratched at it, I thought it was dirt. Then freaked out and dug my nail in to my skin. I didn't see anything but a couple black specks on my nail. I took a picture of the back of my neck and it was a red dot with a couple scratches, also zoomed in on it on the computer and didn't see anything still inside. Will I still be safe? I put rubbing alcohol on it after... I have 3 cats and I'm worried if there is more in the house now... I'm not sure what to do

Danny said:

My 17 year old brother just called me downstairs to see something. He had seen a little scab on his shoulder and scratched at it, and it came off immediately in the sink. He insists the head broke off in him, but I'm not so sure it did, as it continued moving in the sink and there's no sign of it breaking the skin on his shoulder. Any thoughts/suggestions on that?

Haval said:

I got my first tick. It was on the back of my head so i asked my dad and my mom to check it out. they said it was mole. i got a buzz cut and they couldnt recognize it. 2 days later my brother was like whats that on ur head. I immediteadtly new it wasnt a mole b/c it moved from the back of my head. So we pulled it out with tweezers. I think its a life experience

Josh said:

Today i saw what looked to be a tick. it looked like a small fat beatle. i took a tissue and squeezed it off the wall. it fell witha thud (like a small rock).i picked it up and smushed it. it still moved so i toothpicked it. was it a tick?

Jason said:

"i picked it up and smushed it. it still moved so i toothpicked it. was it a tick?"

That's a great way to say it!! toothpicked it!! classic!! Those little buggers can be very persistant, I once pulled one out of me brother's head and put the bloody thing in a ziploc bag full of raid and it lived for three days so i just tossed it in a bonfire, after adding some petrol to the bag! :) Bleedin' bugger...

Suz said:

I'm not terribly techie,so this is a real effort for me, but I am determined. Please Google: Dr. Alan McDonald+Paul Christensen. Paul was a firefighter, diagnosed, treated and released, who later died way too young of Alzheimer's when the spirochete bacteria invaded his brain. A short course of treatment eases our minds, but that's all it does. TEST any TICKS you find on you. This is the BEST way to get proof of infection, the elusive barrier to treatment. The current test in human blood misses over 60% of cases of Lyme disease. I sent my ticks for DNA testing for $65. This way when I got sick, someone believed me. Please let me know if you receive this. Please be vigilant, and hyper aware of your own body. Ask those close to you to watch for signs of memory/personality shifts. Lyme doesn't look like much until it's too late.

Suz said:

ONE more thing! I have a VERY similar pic to yours on the site I started after being infected this summer. It has a bazillion (my own word) links to validate the information I found. I'm not sure if the first paragraph I tried to send went, so here it is:
It's important to point out that I had ticks tested that were in my ankles this summer. They didn't look like much. I never even got any rash. BUT because I knew to get them tested, I learned they were carrying Lyme. Lyme is a MUCH more dangerous bacteria than ANY OTHER in America! It's 25 times larger than syphilis-the only other spirochete we know. Google: Potential Plague of the 21st Century. You may feel fine for a long time, but it could then suddenly attack your brain or nervous system. THEN you'll be labeled with Parkinson's or Alzheimers, both with no known cause or cure. This is the reason people are begging for long, strong courses of antibiotics. It's the only hope. So, you don't have to rush off to the ILADS medical site, but if you DO develop brain or neuro damage months or years from now, remember what I said.

Colin W said:

i went paintballin at OTP NJ about 2 weeks ago. i got a tick on my right side. it is fine now but i went again yesterday and cant really remeber what happened cause i accidentally took to many allergy pills. i know what the "tick bullseye" looks like and not sure if its a welt or the bullseye, it hurts and a little black and blue. but it also has the lookings of the bullseye.

Sabrina said:

You guys aren't gonna believe this but did yall know that ticks can live in colonies? I just got my dog back after placing her with a friend who had a backyard. She had been living in the backyard for 3 months and now has ticks around her eyes and along the edge of her ears. We are doing everything to get the ticks off including shaving her down. I had never seen anything like it until now. Ticks live in colonies and if they aren't taken care of as soon as possible they can kill any animal they live on, and not just from Lyme Disease. Ticks are just like every other arachnid. They multiply like crazy, having at least 100 babies in one sitting.

Kathleen said:

I've been asked to house sit at the end of July in an area that is full of ticks. I've been told that they aren't that bad around that time of summer. I'm actually scared but others are telling me that's crazy. If I dress appropriately, I'm thinking I'm ok - but I have no one to check me out where I can't see. Should I go or should I stay?

Kathleen said:

I heard recently, that an easy way to remove a tick is to apply a cotton ball soaked in liquid soap. It worked every time according to the person who tested it...

Carl said:

i pulled 4 off me in the woods while hunting today. i live on the coast in maine and now i found 2 more buried in me.I HATE TICKS!!!!!!!! 5 were deer ticks(of which two are attatched) and one was really small and black.

sherry said:

the red bullseye rash is most often signs of lyme disease.please get tested and treated