June 23, 2006

Activity on the western edge

There isn't much about Dryden specifically in today's Journal, but there's all kinds of information about happenings just beyond Dryden's western edge.

Near Sapsucker Woods, Rocco Lucente wants to finish his giant subdivision by extending Birchwood Drive, Birchwood Drive North (soon to be Beechwood Drive), and Santuary Drive to create 47 new residential parcels. I used to live in a little house behind a house at the end of Birchwood, and I'm sorry to see those woods go, especially given the kind of houses Lucente's been building there lately. (They aren't cheap to rent, either.) Hopefully it won't be quite as awful as Briarwood Drive and Sanctuary Drive are now. In good news, he plans to donate 25 acres to the Lab of Ornithology.

There was a dedication yesterday for the renovations of the senior housing on Ellis Hollow Road, again just west of the Dryden line.

Around noon, a B-17 will likely fly over Dryden on its way to the airport, where it will be on display until June 30th at East Hill Flying Club.

There are also articles on Ithaca High School and Lehman Alternative Community School graduations.

Dryden High School commencement is tonight at the sports complex by the high school.

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